There are so many ways to get involved on campus it can be hard to wrap your head around.  Get a jump start by doing the following:

  • Follow the Center for the First-Year Experience blog. There are resources for all new students, along with some posts specific to transfers.
  • Download our YouatUW app before the fall semester begins. This is where different departments, offices, and student orgs across campus will be listing their welcome events and initial meetings. Use the app to stay on top of your calendar and pinpoint the things you’re most interested in.  The app is usually launched in August.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN).  This is where all registered student organizations are listed.  You can use the search feature to look for specific groups, or just get a general sense of the 900+ student orgs available to join.
  • Plan to attend some Transfer Transition Program events at the beginning of the semester, particularly Transfer Involvement 101, which will give you an in-person overview of all the ways you can get involved.
  • Check out the Center for Leadership & Involvement (CfLI) website. CfLI is the office on campus that sponsors the Student Org Fair at the beginning of each term, and works with student organizations and Greek Life. They also offer a leadership certificate, and have a lot of suggestions of how to connect with the campus community.  Check out the video below for an overview of involvement at UW-Madison.