Transfer Credit

Who does it: The Credit Evaluation Services team in the Office of the Registrar is the official evaluator of undergraduate transfer credit for UW-Madison.

How they do it: Credit evaluators use course descriptions from your previous institution to help determine the most appropriate way for your credit to transfer. They’ve put together this helpful resource explaining how credit is evaluated.

When is it done: Credit evaluations are typically performed after the point of admission, and before you come to a Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) session.  Your SOAR advisor will have a copy of your credit evaluation in hand when you’re working together so you can choose appropriate courses.

Where is it: When it’s ready, your credit evaluation will be posted in your Student Center, on the Academic Records widget, under Transfer Credit Evaluation in the menu on the left. Enter your 10 digit campus ID number in the Campus ID field and click the Search button.

How do I read it?: Review Understanding Your Credit Evaluation before you come to SOAR.  It’ll help you understand what you’re looking at when you read your credit evaluation, and how your credits fit into your degree requirements.



Collect and save your syllabi! The Credit Evaluation Services team may ask you for a specific course syllabus when they’re doing your credit evaluation, or you might wish to appeal an evaluation decision. You’ll need to present a detailed syllabus from the semester you took the course in either of these cases.

Transfer Course Equivalencies

Transfer course equivalencies are available through Transferology. The most robust set of equivalents for UW-Madison are available at the following schools:

  • All UW-System campuses
  • All Wisconsin Technical College campuses
  • College of Menominee Nation
  • Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College
  • Select community colleges in Illinois and Minnesota

Even if your school is not on this list, there may still be some equivalencies available for courses that have been transferred recently. Information from our equivalency database is refreshed in Transferology weekly, so new equivalents are added quickly once they are created by the credit evaluation team.  For help in finding and interpreting UW-Madison equivalencies that you find on Transferology, check out our guide to Understanding Transferology Equivalencies.