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We currently do not have any professional staff pre-transfer advisors.

However, you are able to meet with a Transfer student coordinator (TSC).TSC’s are current UW-Madison students who have been through the transfer process before. TSCs can meet with you at any point in your transition such as before you transfer, once you’ve been accepted, and after you’ve enrolled. Transfer student coordinators are not professional advisors, and have limits on advising around degree pathways, course recommendations, and more.

Transfer student coordinators CANNOT give advice about degree pathways and requirements, course recommendations to prepare for transfer, and how courses you’ve taken could apply to a degree pathway at UW-Madison.

TSCs can…

  • help you navigate resources available to you as a prospective, admitted, or enrolled transfer student.
  • give referrals to specific offices or people on campus who can guide you through detailed processes.
  • connect you to to involvement opportunities on campus.
  • explain campus culture and ways to make your transition to campus feel smoother.

TSCs CANNOT discuss…

  • Degree requirements, including general education & breadth requirements
  • How the courses you’ve already taken might apply to your UW degree
  • Course selection in preparation for transfer

Who else can I talk to?

If you are looking for information on the admissions process or admissibility to the university, we recommend making an appointment with a transfer counselor at the Office of Admissions:

Additionally, some school and college advising offices have the capacity to work with prospective students.  A link to each of their websites is located in the Additional Resources section on the Prospective Students page.

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Transfer Transition Program Staff

Shelby Knuth

Position title: Transfer Engagement Manager


Phone: (608) 890-4525

Transfer Student Coordinators

Position title: Transfer Student Coordinators and Interns


Phone: (608) 890-4690