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“I get involved by doing the things I love. I played basketball every day and got a job as a manager for the men’s basketball team.”

— Kyle Harrison

Transfer Fact

Seventy-nine percent of transfer students engage in high-impact learning experiences before graduation.

UW-Madison Transfer Information

The following university wide resources are available to help transfer students plan their transfer to UW–Madison:

Some undergraduate schools and colleges have additional transfer resources and policies. The following links lead to specific transfer information for the following schools and colleges:

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
School of Business

School of Education
College of Engineering
School of Human Ecology
College of Letters and Sciences
School of Nursing
School of Pharmacy

Transfer students from UW System institutions or the Wisconsin Technical College System may want to investigate how their individual courses transfer to UW-Madison. Use the Credit Transfer Wizards to determine course equivalency and how transferred courses satisfy the general education requirements at UW-Madison.

Additionally, Transfer Plans can be utilized to obtain an unofficial evaluation of how transfer courses will apply towards the requirements of a specific major or program at UW-Madison. Note that individual schools and colleges may have general education requirements beyond the campus-wide requirements. Attention to these requirements is an important consideration and should be discussed with an advisor.

Transfer students from select two-year Illinois and Minnesota institutions may want to check the online Transfer Equivalency Database to determine course equivalency and how transferred courses satisfy the general education requirements at UW-Madison.

The individual concerns and questions of every transfer student may not be answered by using these web resources. You are encouraged to contact the Transfer Transition Program for assistance with advising questions. Returning adult or nontraditional students can also contact Adult Career and Special Student Services to explore career and/or degree pathways. Thanks again for your interest in UW-Madison!

To make suggestions for improving UW-Madison transfer student advising, please contact


Transfer Involvement 101 – Friday, January 13

Transfer Welcome Dinner - Monday, January 23


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