University of Wisconsin–Madison

Transfer Ambassadors

Meet your Transfer Ambassadors

2017-2018 Transfer Ambassadors

Transfer Ambassadors are experienced transfer students who are here to help you through your transition by facilitating involvement opportunities, promoting a sense of belonging within the university and the greater Madison community, and by providing resources for personal and academic success. Transfer Ambassadors are also available for one-on-one meetings. Make sure to check your e-mail every week to hear about upcoming events or programs facilitated by the Transfer Ambassadors, and review the Upcoming Transfer Events calendar to see what they’ve got planned!

Ali Kennelly

Name: Ali Kennelly
Major: Undecided
Favorite Place to Study: In the Discovery Building under the trees!
Favorite Place to Eat: Babcock Hall Dairy Store
Favorite Babcock Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Peanut Butter
Favorite Campus Activity: Hanging out on the terrace
Advice for incoming students: Being a transfer student is an awesome experience. My advice is to use this opportunity to set and achieve goals for yourself!



Allison Severin

Name: Allison Severin
Majors: Social Work & Psychology
Favorite Place to Study: Memorial Union Terrace
Favorite Place to Eat: Roast
Favorite Babcock Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chip
Favorite Game Day Tradition: Jump Around (any place, any time)
Advice for incoming students: Be open to new opportunities! They will take you further than you can imagine as well as allow you to meet many new and friendly faces.


Bill Viviano

Name: Bill Viviano
Majors: Finance & Accounting
Favorite Place to Study: Huber Undergraduate Computer Lab
Favorite Place to Eat: The Coopers Tavern
Favorite Babcock Ice Cream Flavor: Cookie Dough
Favorite Class: Finance 300 taught by Professor Laplante
Advice for incoming students: Get involved with something you care about, and go to the meetings determined to meet someone new!

Bri Huettner

Name: Bri Huettner
Major: Conservation Biology
Favorite Place to Study: Memorial Union – what better than food, ice cream, coffee, and a perfect view all in one place!
Favorite Place to Eat: Brickhouse BBQ
Favorite Babcock Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Peanut Butter
Favorite Game Day Tradition: Jump Around at Camp Randall
Advice for incoming students: Get involved! Most transfer students have a shorter amount of time to fit everything in compared to incoming freshmen who often get a full four years to discover everything UW-Madison has to offer.  So with whatever time you may have here at Madison, get out there right away!  This astounding campus is full of opportunities and I am always coming across new things to try.  It’s your time to explore!

Sammy Schneiker

Name: Sammy Schneiker
Major: Pre-Nursing
Favorite Place to Study: Student Activities Center, also known as the SAC.
Favorite Class: Physiology 335 – the professors were fantastic, and I think the human body is fascinating!
Favorite Babcock Ice Cream Flavor: Raspberry Swirl
Favorite Game Day Tradition: Doing the wave! I love how tens of thousands of people can work together to send the wave forwards, slow, fast, reverse, and crisscross.  I almost look forward to it even more than watching the game.
Advice for incoming students: I hope that you all find your place here in Madison, but if things do not seem to be working out right away, don’t give up!  There is a place for everyone here at UW-Madison, but it takes longer for some than others to feel like they fit in.

Sarah Woller

Name: Sarah Woller
Majors: Political Science & Communication Arts with a certificate in Global Health
Favorite Place to Study: Fair Trade Coffee
Favorite Place to Eat: RED Sushi
Favorite Babcock Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Favorite Campus Activity: When Dogs on Call brings dogs in during finals week to help people de-stress!
Advice for incoming students: Don’t be afraid to go along to club events and get involved with organizations, even if you don’t know anyone.  You can meet so many different people and it’s okay to be uncomfortable and push yourself out of your comfort zone – it helps you learn.

Scott Lai

Name: Scott Lai
Majors: Statistics & Economics
Favorite Place to Study: College Library
Favorite Place to Eat: Memorial Union
Favorite Babcock Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla
Favorite Class: Stats 309, Mathematical Statistics and Probability
Advice for incoming students: I’ve found that the more campus activities you get involved in, the better your GPA will be!