UW Transfer Data Snapshot

Transfer vs. Freshman Demographics



Transfer Transition Program Survey Results Spring 2018

The following data was collected from a Transfer Transition Program survey distributed in May 2018 to all enrolled transfer students at UW-Madison. Over 450 students participated;  below are transfer student sub-populations and demographics that participated in the survey:

Previous Institution (s):
7% 2-year outside of Wisconsin but in US
9% institution outside U.S.
16% 4-year private within U.S.
17% more than one institution
37% 2-year within Wisconsin
48% 4-year public within U.S.

4% were Veterans
5% had dependents
12% had a disability
16% were over the age of 25
32% were first-generation college students

3% preferred not to answer
18% were students of color (domestic and international)
79% were White/of White-European decent (domestic and international)

Student of Color by race/ethnicity:
>1% Middle Eastern
>1% American Indian/Native Alaskan/Native American/First Nations
2% Black/African/African-American/Afro-Caribbean
2% Latinx/Chicanx/Hispanic
2% Multi-racial
12% Asian-American/Desi-American/Asian/Southeast Asian/Desi



Five areas that transfer students found most challenging during their first-year at UW-Madison. 

UW-Madison has a transfer-friendly culture.

I feel a sense of belonging to UW-Madison.

I am comfortable identifying myself as a transfer student to faculty and staff members on campus.

I am comfortable identifying myself as a transfer student to other students on campus.