Terrace chair

TTP Intranet

Fill out end of shift report:  EOS Report

Tech Problems in the TEC? –> DoIT Help Desk or email: Chris Diorio , chris.diorio@wisc.edu

The Transfer Engagement Center should always:

Have a staff member greeting folks and making them feel welcome.
Have coffee brewed unless it is after 7 pm (then only by request)
Have snacks out for folks to take
Appear clean and organized (wipe down tables frequently, if shelves look messy – organize them)
Have interactive bulletin board, white board, TV, or table activities for folks to passively participate in

Closing Checklist: TEC closes at 8:00 PM Monday-Thursday & 2:00 PM Fridays

Please ask all students be out of the Middleton Building by 8:00 pm.
Students who are not CFYE student staff are not allowed in the Middleton Building after hours.
Offer to call SafeWalk [262-5000] for them or call for yourself.

Restock kitchen cart with tea bags, cups, paper towels, etc.
Wipe down all tables, windows, white boards, computer screens, etc.
Clean coffee maker & fill with water
Wipe out microwave !
Arrange space to its standard set up
Pick up messes on tables, floor, etc.
Clean up 120 if used
Empty trash in a hallway bin (only collected once a week inside of offices).
Lock TEC

Opening Checklist: TEC opens at 8:00am M-F (can be unlocked earlier)

Brew coffee
1) Coffee carafe should be filled with water.
2) Coffee grounds can be found on the kitchen cart in the silver container with a clear lid.
3) Place paper filter inside coffee maker.
4) Scoop 1.5 cups of grounds into the paper filter.
5) Close top & push start.
Turn on TV monitor and start slideshow (saved on desktop) 
login: CFYE-TEC-TV
password: Onsp123!


Name Cell Email Net ID
Emily Strehlow 715.496.1937 strehlow2@wisc.edu strehlow2
Wenqi Zhou 608.504.8909 wzhou96@wisc.edu wzhou96
Anis Abdul Hakim 206.468.9054 abdulhakim@wisc.edu abdulhakim
Emily Zernick 608.260.5629 ezernick@wisc.edu ezernick
Mars Li 608.898.3237 sli634@wisc.edu sli634
Rob Kiser 206.200.9803 rkiser@wisc.edu rkiser
Tiffany Yang 608.886.5234 tgyang@wisc.edu tgyang
Zoey Zheng 315.261.8822 zzheng884@wisc.edu zzheng884

login: CFYE-TEC-TV
password: ONSP123!

TTP platforms & logins

TA Box: 1) Event Liability Waiver, 2) Signage for Out of TEC Events,
Google Drive:  Login G Suite with transferpeer_studentlife
Facebook: TA UW Madison; login: transferpeer@studentlife.wisc.edu;
password: transferUWMADISON2019!
Instagram: transferUWmadison; password: ONSP123!
LinkTree: need to log into instagram first, and then hit login to link tree and profile will auto-populate
Spotify: username: UWSOAR or soar@studentlife.wisc.edu; password: ONSP123!

Comms Platforms & Logins
newstudent@studentlife.wisc.edu; password: Onsp123!
Canva: transferpeer@studentlife.wisc.edu; password: ONSP123!
Pixlr: transferpeer@studentlife.wisc.edu; password: Onsp123!
Powtoon: transferpeer@studentlife.wisc.edu; password: Onsp123!

No special login required (may need netid): 
UW Branding Guide
UW Comms Photo Library
UW Black Student Strike
UW Archives Collection
UW Digital Collections
WI Historical Society Visual Collections 

Purchasing card: knowledge base (kb)

  • The tax exempt number is NOT on this card.  When the purchaser picks up the card, they must remember to take a printed sales tax exemption certificate with them so they can provide the vendor with our tax exempt number.  If they forget, they (or their supervisor) will need to call the vendor to get any sales tax removed.
  • sales tax exemption certificate 


Event Liability Form & Sign-in Sheet
UW Fleet


1-on-1 Resource Printouts
Mind Mapping 
Weekly/Hourly Agenda
Evening/Morning Routine


1 on 1s

Involvement Planning

Students will be able to:

- understand how getting involved on campus will benefit their academics and well being
- create at least 2 actions steps towards getting involved
- explore diverse options of involvement at UW

Academic Success

Students will be able to:

-understand the complex framework of academic resources at UW
-explore approaches to office hours and advocating for themselves on a large, decentralized campus
-create 2 actions steps to support their academic goals

Additional Academic Resources

classroom discussion

Self Management & Organization

Students will be able to:

- identify what behaviors they will need to shift and how to do so to be more efficient/successful
-learn more self management strategies such as managing stress, time, productivity, efficacy, etc.

SOAR student staff member