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(photo) Zhe (Cindy) Wang

“I struggled during the transition adapting to a new culture. Luckily, I found other students in the same situation and we supported each other.”

— Zhe (Cindy) Wang

Transfer Fact

Sixty-four percent of all transfer students are from Wisconsin schools.


On behalf of the Transfer Transition Program, welcome to the University of Wisconsin–Madison! Transfer students make up a significant portion of our undergraduate student body and serve in countless campus and community organizations and academic arenas. As a UW–Madison student you will find abundant ways to connect with new people, to achieve your own academic success, and to engage in transformative learning opportunities. We want to partner with you to help facilitate connections on campus that will last long after graduation.

The Transfer Transition Program recognizes the diverse experiences each transfer student brings to our campus. We also understand that you transfer from a wide variety of institutions and bring with you a unique set of strengths and challenges. As you begin your transition to the University of Wisconsin–Madison, we hope you remember the value of your previous experiences and share them with the faculty, staff and students at UW–Madison.

We are excited for you as you continue your educational journey at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and cannot wait to see your contributions to our campus unfold. Please feel free to contact the Transfer Transition Program at any point during your transition, and connect with a Transfer Ambassador for peer mentorship during your first year at UW-Madison. We look forward to helping you make the most of your Wisconsin Experience.

On, Wisconsin!

Molly Censky and Tracy Mores

Transfer Transition Program
Center for the First-Year Experience


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