Happy National Transfer Student Week Doodle

OCTOBER 19-23, 2020

National Transfer Student Week

UW Transfers Make the WI Idea Happen.


Transfer students come to UW-Madison from all over Wisconsin, the U.S., and the world! You bring a wealth of experience, skills, and knowledge, with you when you transfer; transfer students not only enrich campus, but transfer students make the WI Idea Happen. NTSW is a dedicated time for us to celebrate transfer students and the folks who support them (transfer champions)!

The image to the left shows illustrates places where many of transfer students are coming. From our neighbors such as Madison College and Edgewood, all over Wisconsin, from West to the East Coasts, and even China, India, Japan, and South Korea! The Transfer Transition Program text is between two double-headed arrows representing the concept of transfer; not only do students bring vital experience to campus, everything they learn here impacts all of their communities.

How to Participate

Transfer Acts of Kindness

Let someone know how great they’re doing. We’ll send them an email telling them they’ve been recognized! You can recognize as many folks as you’d like, remain anonymous if you wish, and are welcome to leave comments for your nominees to read!

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Transfer Words of Encouragement

Please take a moment to offer well wishes, words of encouragement, advice, or a personal anecdote for all our first semester transfer students at UW-Madison. We’ll add it to the video feed below and you may even be featured on our Instagram!

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Transfer Words of Encouragement

We know firsthand how challenging transition to UW-Madison can feel. We asked continuing transfer students and transfer champions to share words of encouragement to first semester transfers. We asked, “what was something you needed to hear in your first semester on campus?  What advice do you have?” Check out what they had to say below!

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