Ways to Celebrate!

Transfer Acts of Kindess

Let someone know how great they're doing. We'll send them an email telling them they've been recognized! You can recognize as many folks as you'd like, remain anonymous if you wish, and are welcome to leave comments for your nominees to read!

NTSW Grants

Want to participate in National Transfer Student Week, but not sure you have in the budget? Apply for a NTSW Grant!Funding is likely to be award for (but not limited to) purchasing items of appreciation or supplies & food for an event.

Recognize Transfer Students & their Success

  • Treat a student or a transfer champion to lunch.
  • Fill out Transfer Acts of Kindness to let a student or champion know how amazing they are!
  • Award small tokens of appreciation to outstanding students you work with.

Create a Welcoming Campus 

  • Decorate the office for National Transfer Student Week or the month of October.
  • Hang ‘UW-Madison <3’s Transfers’ magnets or flyers in your office or on bulletin boards in your building.

Educate Folks about #UWTransfers

  • Share our social media posts or create your own!
  • Send an email each day to highlight a different transfer student.
  • Include transfer facts or highlights in Newsletters.

Why Participate?


As we know, feeling a sense of belonging is one of the greatest predictors of success for students (Ostrove & Long 2007). Not only do transfer students report feeling a transfer stigma on campus, the transfer experience can have additional challenges for transfer students with marginalized identities.

The transfer student population at UW-Madison overall has more Pell Grant recipients than ‘traditional’ first-year students, as well as more first-generation college students, returning adults, veterans, student parents, and international students.

Transfer Data

All demographic data on UW-Madison’s transfer population available from Academic Planning and Institutional Research (APIR). Statistics below are from Fall 2017 newly enrolled students. Find more statistics about #uwtransfers  here.

For reference, 17% of UW-Madison freshmen are first-generation. First-generation college students bring so many rich life experiences and diverse lenses to campus. First-gen students may need extra support in feeling they belong on a campus where the majority of students are coming from families and communities with generational access to higher education. It is a privilege that so many first-generation college students choose to transfer to UW-Madison. Let’s celebrate them!

For reference, 8% of UW freshmen are international students. International students are a part of the reason we can call UW-Madison a world class institution. It’s truly a privilege that we all get to learn with and from one another about cultures, languages, and perspectives from all over the world in our classrooms, residence halls, and community.

Want to know more ways you can support international students? Learn more about Madison Friends of International Students here!

Veterans have additional requirements to navigate in higher education such as VA benefits and compliance which can longer than expected to get approved for disability accommodations, GI Bill funding, and may need to return to active duty depending on their status. Some veterans want to talk about their service, others may not, some veterans were in combat, some were not. Everyone’s experience in the military is vastly different, so it’s always better to ask open ended questions of veterans and allow them to describe their own experiences instead of assuming. What we know for sure is that veterans belong at UW-Madison and add rich experience to our campus fabric. Let’s celebrate them!

A great resource to learn more about how to support veterans on campus is the UW System Veterans Awareness Training which is available at no-cost to all UW System institution faculty, staff and students through the support of UW System Administration.

For reference, 14% of UW-Madison freshmen are Pell Grant recipients. In order to receive the Pell Grant, students are required to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) which means they need be on track to complete their degree within 6 years and maintain a certain GPA. This means that Pell Grant recipients are extremely successful students!

Did you know there are certain life circumstances that students can appeal their financial aid award and ask for more assistance? If you have a student who is a Pell Grant recipient and struggling financially, you both can learn more here!

Returning adult transfer students consistently report high feelings of isolation and low sense of belonging at UW-Madison. We owe it to these students to do better. Returning adult undergraduates are often juggling intersections of career, family, health, dis/ability, and still prioritizing their education. Some are veterans, some are parents, some are care-takers for other family members, some are first-generation college students…this list could go on forever. Returning adult undergraduates are truly pathmakers and are often tasked with carving out their own space on campus. Let’s change that. What are ways your office can support, celebrate, and honor returning adult undergraduate students?

Social Media Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to make participating in NTSW easy for you and your office.  You are welcome to directly copy & paste, “download” (read: save as), anything you find on this page, or edit them to fit your office brand/needs.

Additional Branding Resources:

  • UW Brand Information here
  • UW Photo Library here
  • Create your own graphics for free on Canva

Social Media posts:

  • [Recognize transfer students & champions]
    Who’s been your transfer champion? How have they championed for you before or after you transferred to UW-Madison? Join campus in #TransferActsofKindness and let them know! Fill out go.wisc.edu/trfchampion and the Transfer Transition Program will let them know they’ve been recognized as a Transfer Champion or Outstanding Transfer Student!
  • [wcurve transition is normal]
    All students’ first year on any campus has ups & downs. Here at UW, we find that the W-curve tends to resonate with the transfer student transition to campus. Transition is normal, being uncomfortable leads to growth, and when you’re feeling isolated, know you are not alone. UW-Madison <3 s Transfer Students!
  • [uwheartstransfers] 
    It’s no secret — UW-Madison loves transfer students and so do we! A big shout out to all our #uwtransfers out there this National Transfer Student Week!
  • [who are uwtransfers?] Here at UW we our proud to know that our transfer students are coming from far and wide bringing with them an array of knowledge and experiences. Transfer students contribute to so many of the reasons we are able to call UW-Madison a world class university. Join us in celebrating transfer students this National #TransferStudentWeek!
  • [Nice Day] Hey Badgers! Do you know a transfer student? Send them a shout out and wish them a great day (or week!) and help us celebrate our awesome transfer students during National #TransferStudentWeek!
  • [trfquote] Many of us have had made big changes and made transitions in our lives. Transitions are not always smooth sailing, but don’t let that deter you from making a change — with change and challenge comes growth! During National Transfer Student Week, we are happy to celebrate our transfer students and their adversity! So be proud transfers, give yourself a pat on the back and remember that you’re appreciated and doing great!
  • [advice best for you] Hey transfer students! We’re happy to be celebrating you on your special week! Each of your transitions are unique — you know more than anyone what’s best for YOU — with that in mind, remember to fill your cup before you fill others. We just wanted to let you all know that we support you!