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Meet with a Transfer Student Coordinator

Transfer student coordinators (TSCs) are current UW-Madison students who have been through the transfer process before. TSCs can meet with you at any point in your transition such as before you transfer, once you’ve been accepted, and after you’ve enrolled. Transfer student coordinators are not professional advisors, and have limits on advising around degree pathways, course recommendations, and more.  See what transfer student coordinators can and cannot answer during an appointment in the accordion panel to the right.

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TSCs can...

Transfer student coordinators are current students at UW-Madison who transferred from other institutions.

TSCs can…

  • help you navigate resources available to you as a prospective, admitted, or enrolled transfer student.
  • give referrals to specific offices or people on campus who can guide you through detailed processes.
  • connect you to to involvement opportunities on campus.
  • explain campus culture and ways to make your transition to campus feel smoother.

Should I meet with a TSC or with a Professional?

Transfer student coordinators are not professional advisors, and have limits on advising students.

Transfer student coordinators CANNOT give advice about degree pathways and requirements, course recommendations to prepare for transfer, and how courses you’ve taken could apply to a degree pathway at UW-Madison.

You should contact a professional staff member (listed below) if……

  • Degree requirements, including general education & breadth requirements
  • How the courses you’ve already taken might apply to your UW degree
  • Course selection in preparation for transfer

Ways to Connect with Professional Staff

If you are looking for information on the admissions process or admissibility to the university, we recommend making an appointment with a transfer counselor at the Office of Admissions:

Additionally, some school and college advising offices have the capacity to work with prospective students.  A link to each of their websites is located in the Additional Resources section on the Prospective Students page.

Are these in-person or virtual appointments?

Both! TSC’s can meet in-person or over Zoom. When you sign up for your meeting, the form will prompt you to select how you would like to meet.

I don't have a preference for who I meet with...

Or Schedule with any TSC

Would you like to set up an appointment but don’t know who to choose? Or don’t have a preference? Schedule here, and whatever date/time that you choose will randomly be assigned to a transfer student coordinator that is available during that time.

For quick questions, please contact us by phone: (608) 890-4690 or email:

Meet the TSC's

Schedule with Alvin (he/him)

Alvin (AL-vihn; “a” as in cat) is an international student from China. He transferred from the Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai and is currently a junior majoring in Economics and Data Science. He offers appointments in Cantonese and Mandarin appointments. 

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When I first started my journey in Madison many things were different from what I experienced in China, especially the snow! I was born and raised in the south part of China where the weather is hot and humid, so when I first arrived in Madison in January, I was shocked by how everything was coated in white. I couldn’t wait to try as many things as I could at the time. My first semester was a combination of bitter and sweet. 

As for the challenging part, of course, the language! What I had learned was that the classes weren’t enough to ensure that I could have smooth communication with the locals and fully understand what the professors said in the class. As I tried my best to catch up and make progress slowly, the pandemic came around and UW was locked down after, and everything was put on pause. I tried my best to adapt to the new lifestyle as best as I could. I still kept close contact with all my friends, we shared our ways to make life less boring and how to make the best of it. I also kept attending all sorts of student club events and keeping myself updated.

Now it’s my fifth semester at UW and I’m working 2 on-campus jobs during the semester, one at the academic advising services office as an assistant, the other one at TTP.  I’ve joined several clubs as well, having known many like-minded, innovative, and outstanding peers so we can work, and have fun together. I firmly believe you will be more and more involved and feel connected to this place; it takes time. Keep working hard and you’ll find your way!

I wanted to be a TSC so I could help students who just transferred to UW and may have trouble finding ways to get involved, utilize university resources, and improve themselves in life, school, or career. I was in their shoes when I transferred over, so I am more than willing to help out and work with students to get things sorted out and find support. 

Campus Involvement: Diverse Leaders Tomorrow, Capital Management Club, Economics Student Association. AAS ADS office assistant under L&S

Schedule with Angleswaran (he/him)

Angleswaran (On-gih-lish-wahr-on) is an international student from Malaysia. He transferred from INTEC Education College and is a Junior majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He offers appointments in Malay and has late evening availability for students in different time zones.

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Coming to UW-Madison was the first time I had ever stepped out of Asia, and as you can imagine, the culture shock was a big deal for me. I struggled balancing academics with my social life during my first few months. It’s easy to feel like you always need to be studying, but by continuing to push myself to attend student org meetings and go to events helped me find my place on campus.

Now, as a TTP intern, I want to give my experience and knowledge to other transfer students or people thinking of transferring to UW-Madison. I want to lend a helping hand during when you may feel most alone, lost or confused, because I know what that feels like.

Campus Involvement: UW Swim Club, Transfer Transition Program, Malaysian Student Association

Schedule with Jemelynn (she/her)

Jemelynn (JEH-muh-lihn) is a first-generation college student from Madison, Wisconsin who transferred from Madison Area Technical College. She is in her senior year and majoring in Human Development and Family studies with a certificate in Chican@ & Latin@ Studies. She offers appointments in Spanish.

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Before transferring to UW Madison, I spent 3 years at MATC. I had no idea what I wanted to study, but during my third year, I decided that I wanted to transfer and earn a bachelor’s degree. The biggest challenge for me during my first semester at UW was feeling like I didn’t belong on campus, and meeting new people was difficult. I know now that throughout this time I was suffering from imposter syndrome, which made it more difficult to connect with others. I knew that I worked very hard to get into UW Madison, but I still didn’t feel like I was a student here. As a transfer student I figured it would be harder to find a community on campus because I did not have what most people would consider the “typical” college experience. I transferred into UW-Madison without knowing anyone and I had no idea what resources would be available for me to more easily meet new people. I also assumed that as a junior it would be even more difficult to get involved on campus, but this was not the case.

I overcame this challenge by applying for a job on campus where I would be able to work with other transfer students. After joining TTP, I found a community and a group of people that have experienced what it is like to transfer to a new place. This has made college a much more fulfilling experience. I know that transferring can be overwhelming without the right help andI want to be a TSC that empowers transfer students and helps them adjust to life on their new campus.

Campus Involvement: Transfer Transition Program

Campus Involvement: sadfds

Schedule with Max (he/him)

Max (MAks, “a” like in cats) is a transfer student who grew up as a military kid in Europe. He transferred from Madison Area Technical College in 2019 and is currently a senior majoring in History and Philosophy. He offers appointments in German.

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I transferred after one year at Madison Area Tech College, and was intrigued and equally overwhelmed by the size of UW-Madison during my first semester. I started working at WSUM 91.7 FM Madison the following semester and felt like I had everything figured out… then the COVID pandemic began. The switch to having all of my studies be online did not bode well for my productivity, and I found myself struggling with not only school but also my work commitments. After feeling like I was completely overwhelmed, I took a deployment to the Middle East during the year 2021 and returned in the Spring of 2022 to finish my education. Upon returning, I felt refreshed and motivated to not only finish my degrees, but become more active on campus as a whole.

I want to work as a Transfer Student Coordinator to help those who also feel overwhelmed and don’t feel like they have it all figured out. Having been the new kid my entire life, I want to try to be the person I wish I could’ve had and provide the resources that everyone needs to give them the best chance of having the full Wisconsin experience.

Campus Involvement: Transfer Transition Program, WSUM 91.7 FM Madison

Schedule with Ramona (she/her)

Ramona (ruh-MOHN-ah) (刘可欣) is a Chinese international student who transferred from UW-Stevens Point in 2020. She is studying Economics and Data Science. She offers appointments in Chinese and has early morning availability for students in different time zones.

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Transferring during the pandemic put extra pressure on me.  Although I had already adapted to U.S. culture while I was at Stevens Point, I was still struggling to adapt to a new campus as everything went online. There were many unknowns and I didn’t know where to start when looking for resources. Because of this, I experienced challenges with declaring my major, navigating my credits that transfered, and when applying to the Wisconsin School of Business (WSB). I decided to take an additional year of study to make my expectations more manageable. 

Fortunately, everything got better after we came back in person. By getting involved in student orgs, I got to know students who have similar experiences as me, and we stayed strong together by supporting each other academically and mentally. It is always important to get involved in a community.

I’m so glad to work at TTP this year being a Transfer Student Coordinator. I hope to hear from you about your stories, share our thoughts, and see what I can help with my experience and knowledge of resources on campus. We can get through the hard life together! You deserve a fascinating life at UW-Madison!

Campus Involvement: Foundland Musical, Dancas Dance Crew, Transfer Transition Program

Schedule with Sofea (she/her)

Sofea (so-fEE-ah) is an international student from Malaysia.  She transferred from the INTEC Education College and is currently a junior majoring in Data Science and doing a certificate in Computer Science. She offers appointments in Malay and early morning appointments to accommodate students in different time zones.

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I transferred during my sophomore year from Malaysia and was overwhelmed. The size of campus and the amount of students here was a huge change coming from my previous university. English is not my native language, so I found it difficult to blend in with other students for the first couple of weeks. At the time, I found the workload in my computer science courses quite overwhelming and I struggled balancing both my social and academic life. I participated in a couple of TTP events and it really did help with my transition here in UW-Madison.

As an international  transfer student, I understand that transitioning into an environment that is foreign to you can be quite intimidating. I wanted to work as a TSC  to help other transfer students transition into university with ease. I wanted transfer students to know that there are always people here who went through similar experiences and are willing to help them. Transferring can be scary but it is going to be worth it in the end.

Campus Involvement: Transfer Transition Program, Malaysian Student Association, WI Union

Schedule with Stephanie (she/they, ella/elle)

Stephanie grew up in Honduras and is a climate activist. Stephanie did not transfer to UW-Madison, but understands struggling with transition because she immigrated to the U.S. her first year of high school. They are a senior studying Political Science, Environmental Studies, and Chicane/Latine Studies. Stephanie offers appointments in Spanish.

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I didn’t transfer to UW-Madison, but I understand what it is like to be in a completely new place. I moved to the U.S. from Honduras when I was 14 and there were so many things to get used to. Adjusting to having seasons like winter (still not used to it), the U.S. school system, and all the different cultural norms. I immersed myself in my academics and pushed myself to make friends with people coming from different backgrounds as me. Sometimes I resisted and even resented things about U.S. culture and eventually I realized that I had to accept the ways things are different. However, I also figured out what ways I could create long-term change. I became co-author of the book Green Card Youth Voices and co-founder of the nonprofit Youth Climate Action Team.

Because I am the first person in my family to attend a U.S. university and at the time my family was struggling financially, I was admitted to the AVID program (Advancement via Individual Determination). Thanks to the support of AVID, the Center for Educational Opportunity (CeO), and my role at TTP I have become a confident student, activist, and community leader. Recently, I was selected to serve on the Climate Change Task Force as the youngest member of the committee.

I plan to eventually work for a non-profit or an organization that works with communities of color or with low-income folk.

Even though I’m not a transfer student, I hope you’ll feel comfortable knowing that I’ve been through some major transitions myself. I love connecting with people, so please reach out!

Campus Involvement: Wisconsin Student Climate Action Team, Center for Educational Opportunity (CeO) Scholar. I also like painting, drawing, slam poetry, and working out.

Or Schedule with any TSC

Would you like to set up an appointment but don’t know who to choose? Or don’t have a preference? Schedule here, and whatever date/time that you choose will randomly be assigned to a transfer student coordinator that is available during that time.