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Meet Up with a Transfer Student Coordinator

Transfer student coordinators (TSCs) are current UW-Madison students who have been through the transfer process before. TSCs can meet with you at any point in your transition such as before you transfer, once you’ve been accepted, and after you’ve enrolled. Transfer student coordinators are not professional advisors, and have limits on advising around degree pathways, course recommendations, and more.  See what transfer student coordinators can and cannot answer during an appointment in the accordion panel to the right.

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TSCs can...

Transfer student coordinators are current students at UW-Madison who transferred from other institutions.

TSCs can…

  • help you navigate resources available to you as a prospective, admitted, or enrolled transfer student.
  • give referrals to specific offices or people on campus who can guide you through detailed processes.
  • connect you to to involvement opportunities on campus.
  • explain campus culture and ways to make your transition to campus feel smoother.

Should I meet with a TSC or with a Professional?

Transfer student coordinators are not professional advisors, and have limits on advising students.

Transfer student coordinators CANNOT give advice about degree pathways and requirements, course recommendations to prepare for transfer, and how courses you’ve taken could apply to a degree pathway at UW-Madison.

If you are looking for the following services, you should connect with a professional pre-transfer advisor:

  • Degree requirements, including general education & breadth requirements
  • How the courses you’ve already taken might apply to your UW degree
  • Course selection in preparation for transfer

What online platforms do you use to meet?

Each transfer student coordinator uses a variety of online platforms to connect with students. See some examples below, but know that not every transfer student coordinator uses all of the platforms listed below.

Black Board Collaborate Teams
Facetime WeChat
Google Meet Whatsapp

For quick questions, please contact us by phone: (608) 890-4690 or email:

Meet the TSC's

Schedule with Tiffany (she/her)

Tiffany is Hmong American, a first-generation college student, a Center for Educational Opportunity (CeO) Scholar, and a member Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc. She transferred from UW-Oshkosh, Fox Cities Campus and is studying Political Science, Gender and Women Studies, and Public Policy.

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I had a really tough first day of class at UW-Madison. I had gotten lost using the bus system and ended up in Eagle Heights (a campus apartment neighborhood further away from campus), I couldn’t find a microwave to warm up my home-cooked meal, it rained the entire second half of the day, and I had forgotten my umbrella at home. Ultimately, I called my mom at the end of the day and said that UW was not for me.

The very next day though, I attended TTP’s informational meeting for BadgerCETE, and it was the first time where I felt like others wanted to see and hear me. Going to BadgerCETE for my entire first semester helped me establish a sense of belonging, despite the challenges that I was facing. The transition wasn’t easy for me, but TTP gave me what I needed to thrive. I want to be able to help other students find resources that they need, help students establish a sense of belonging, and even just be a buddy to go grab food with.

I want to ensure that you have an incredible experience here at UW. University always seems like a race, but it’s definitely an individual journey instead. Let me help you be your best self.

Campus Involvement: Center for Educational Opportunity (CeO) Scholar, member of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc.

Schedule with Anthony (they/them)

Anthony is queer, non-binary, and a first generation college student. They are studying Gender & Women studies and transferred from UW-Milwaukee at Waukesha.

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When I transferred to UW-Madison from my two-year campus (UW-MIlwaukee at Waukesha) I was so overwhelmed and tried to continue a major in biochemistry (a subject that I was not passionate about). I decided not to get involved my first semester because I knew I’d have to work hard at my academics, but instead I ended up burning myself out. Fortunately, my second semester, I found my footing at Madison. I found a major that I love and started getting involved on campus such as becoming a TTP intern.

Since working at TTP, it has allowed me to connect with so many people and hear their stories. I am fascinated and interested in hearing everyone’s journeys on how we want or have become a badger. I like building relationships with people. I’m open minded and like to celebrate everyone’s differences. I cannot wait to connect with you and hear what’s on your mind.

Campus Involvement: Badger CETE, Sex Out Loud volunteer

Schedule with Cat (she/her)

Cat is a returning adult, first-generation college student, and proudly from a working class family. She is studying international studies, political science, and African studies and transferred from Madison Area Technical College.

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After transferring from Madison College, I thought I had everything I needed, and I felt so prepared. But transferring can be a big adjustment for some people, it certainly was for me. Looking back on my experience during my first semester, I realize how much easier that transition could have been for me if I would have been more involved with and connected to campus. That’s why I decided to join TTP as a Transfer Student Coordinator.

There are challenges that are specific to transfer students, especially for older, returning, first-generation college students like myself. After facing some of those struggles, I realized that I wanted to find solutions and work with future students to make the transition that much easier for all future transfer students. I hope that through this position, I can better integrate myself to the campus community while simultaneously helping fellow transfer students do the same.

Campus Involvement: Wisconsin Welcome Ambassador, Center for First-Year Experience; ASM Student Representative, Immigration and International Issues Committee

Schedule with Chris (he/him)

Chris is a returning adult student, with a wife and three children, and a Marine Corps veteran. He transferred from Madison Area Technical College and is completing a BS in Health Promotion and Health Equity.

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I transferred to UW-Madison after completing an Associates of Science in I.T., Liberal Studies, and Pre-Health as well as a certificate as a CNA at Madison College (MATC). I’m currently exploring Graduate School opportunities and research.

I am a non-traditional adult learner. I have a lot of knowledge in the transfer experience especially from Madison Area Technical College. I have a lot of experience with balancing education, work, school, and family. I have worked with veterans in the past and can help others with the vet/college transition. I enjoy helping others find their way and hopefully saving some time in the process. UW-Madison is an amazing school and campus and is worth every effort. I can’t wait to see you here.

Hobbies: Exercise, Hiking, volleyball, swimming, Scuba

Campus Involvement: Veteran Student Association

Scheduling with Christine (she/her)

Christine is an international student from China. She transferred from the University of Wisconsin-Superior and is a junior studying in Data Science.

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When I first came to UW-Madison, I felt very nervous because I had trouble making friends and I was afraid of the new environment. I tried to get involved, but I was worried that I couldn’t keep a balance between study and life. I felt like the workload was much higher than I had in a previous school. To get involved, I decided to join the BadgerCETE which helped me transition to campus my first semester. I met many people who transferred from different colleges and participated in lots of exciting activities on campus. As a transfer student coordinator, I would like to help students who have trouble in their transitions. I can also provide my personal experience as an international transfer student.

Campus Involvement: Wisconsin Welcome Ambassador, Center of First-Year Experience; Manager, Chinese Basketball Club

Schedule with Danny (he/him)

Danny transferred from more than one institution: Olivet Nazarene University, where he previously played football, and from UW-Milwaukee. He is currently studying biology and is a pre-med student.

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In my first year as a transfer student at UW-Madison, my adjustment was a little rocky. I faced challenges by being independent and trying to figure everything out on my own; I was able to overcome many challenges that way, but it still could have been easier just by reaching out to others. I decided to work for the Transfer Transition Program because reaching out to different services like TTP or other transfer students would have helped me with my start at UW-Madison. There are so many different resources on campus, it can be overwhelming. We’re a good place to start and help you find your footing.

I also feel like because I transferred from more than one institution and have transitioned to several different campuses, I feel like I can offer help for adjusting to academics, campus involvement, and different processes/procedures on campus. Please reach out!

Campus Involvement: intramural sports


Schedule with Iris (she/her)

Iris is an international student from China and a rising junior at UW-Madison. She transferred from Oberlin College and studies statistics.

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I joined the TTP team because I wish to ground myself in a community with people who have similar experiences. At Oberlin College, I was involved in our student coop and alumni association which allowed me to meet a lot of different people. I enjoy sharing my experience of adapting to different cultures and learning from anyone with different identities and experiences.

I hope to help more students who are struggling with adapting to new environments or new life events. It has been great connecting with the TTP team before and after I became a transfer student coordinator. I cherish this opportunity and I hope that I can help you with what I know. Also, I love art, movies, and anime – let’s talk about it!

Schedule with Isis (she/her)

Isis is a first-generation college student from Milwaukee WI. She transferred from UW-Milwaukee and is studying community nonprofit leadership.

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During my first year as a transfer student, I struggled with finding a community. I was focused on finding a place that felt like home. In my search for a community, I joined Badger CETE, Queen in You, and Black Student Union. These organizations allowed me to build meaningful connections and form a community.

Transferring to UW has been an amazing journey. I enjoy working and helping students because I always felt no one could relate or help me in the way I needed it. As a person of color at a PWI, I can provide a different perspective to students. I want students to leave our meeting confident, excited and prepared for any challenge that comes their way. I enjoy a good laugh and meeting new people.

Campus Involvement: First Generation Success , Black Student Union, National Black Pre-Law Society , Queen in You, Badger CETE

Schedule with Lisa (she/her)

Lisa is an international student from China, who transferred from UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield. She is studying Risk Management and Insurance and planning to extend her knowledge on Business Analytics in grad school.

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When I transferred to UW-Madison, I was both excited and nervous. UW- Madison is my dream school and I always wanted to study here; however, I was worried about the workload here since I transferred from a small campus. In order to get used to this new environment academically, I started to manage my time by using a planner, went to TA’s office hours often, and spent a lot of time on study.

Meanwhile, I also wanted to enrich my campus experience and get involved with more people with different backgrounds; that’s why I decided to join the BadgerCETE program in my first semester at UW-Madison. After getting to know more people with the same transfer background as I am, I realized it was not that difficult to get involved on campus. After joining BadgerCETE, I decided to apply to Transfer Student Coordinator because I wanted to help transfer students with their UW experience.

Campus Involvement: member of BadgerCETE Program, member of Risk Management and Insurance Society

Schedule with Mary (she/her)

Mary is a transfer student from UW-Parkside. She is studying English Creative Writing, Communication Arts in Radio/Film/TV, and French.

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I came to Madison to embrace the variety of opportunities at a bigger school and city. I like working with students because I remember what it was like to come in as a new student. I was nervous and felt like there was so much information that I didn’t know yet. I was also having trouble making friends and finding my niche here. I think that as a transfer student coordinator I can provide the guidance and support that I was looking for, to transfer students like myself.

I take a student-first approach: I love to listen more than talk. I want students to come out of our meetings feeling confident in their own abilities to seek out information, yet at the same time, feel they have received concrete guidance from someone who they can trust. I worked for Cross College Advising Services (CCAS) as a Peer Advisor at SOAR (orientation) over the summer, and I was able to grow my skills supporting my peers.

Campus Involvement: My dream is to study abroad in France before I graduate, (when life goes back to normal of course). I am also the Communications Officer for the UW Madison Photography Club.

Schedule with Reccla (she/her)

Reccla is an international student from Malaysia. She transferred from INTEC Education College, Malaysia and is a senior studying Economics with a specific interest in developmental economics.

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Studying in the States has been eye-opening, especially meeting different people and learning about so many other cultures. When I first came to the US for my study, I struggled to adapt to the new culture and environment. Everything was hard for me – setting up my US bank account, arranging my classes, making friends, and the list goes on.

Fortunately, I found my way to resources and community on campus which helped me transition to UW better. Without a helping hand, I realized that I may never make the best out of my campus life. Hence, being in TTP provides me the opportunity to “pay-it-forward” to the many incoming students who experience similar situations. Transitioning into a new environment could be very overwhelming, but worry not, I am excited to help in any ways that I could!

Campus Involvement: Supervisor at Wisconsin Union, Malaysia Student Association, Women in Economics

Schedule with Sam (he/him)

Sam transferred from UW-Lacrosse, but actually grew up in Madison. He’s happy he ended up at his dream school, UW-Madison, and is studying psychology.

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Since transferring from UW-Lacrosse, I have had an interest in helping other transfer students. I was hesitant to transfer because of having to relearn a new place and make new relationships. However, once I got to UW-Madison, I immediately felt excitement over all the learning, involvement, career, and social opportunities here. I hope you make an appointment with me, so that I can share all the amazing things that are available to you at this great University.

I want everyone to know that I am an extremely open and understanding person, so during our meeting I’d really like to get to know more about you. I love that everyone is different and has different lived experiences and stories to share. I hope to meet you soon!