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Wisconsin Welcome Fall 2022

Wisconsin Welcome is a campus-wide celebration of new and continuing students beginning a new academic year. You will be able to take your pick of events during August and September, 2022. TTP hosts many Wisconsin Welcome events that are designed specifically for transfer students by transfer students. Guests are always welcome regardless of transfer or student status. You can find more campus wide events by clicking the link below.

UW-Madison Welcome Events

Transfer Events

Devil’s Lake Hike
September 24th, 9:00am-4:00pm
Devil’s Lake State Park (map)
Registration required: https://go.wisc.edu/ttp-devilslake

The Transfer Transition Program is organizing a day trip to Devil’s Lake. Join us for an eventful day in the sun as we go on an optional hike with a naturalist. Take a dive in the clear waters or rent a kayak or paddleboard and create your own adventure on the lake. Chill out on the shore and play some lawn games as we cook up some food on the grill. Alternatively, check out the nature center and learn about the geographical and indigenous history of the land. The concession stands of Devil’s Lake sell hot food and even provide vegetarian and vegan options.

Back2School Broke Bingo
September 29th, 6:45pm-9:00pm
Great Hall, Memorial Union (map)
Registration recommended: go.wisc.edu/brokebingo

Kick off the beginning of the year with all the things to make your apartment warm and be midterms ready. Back-2-School Bingo, part of the TTP Broke Bingo series, is where you can win all the things you need but don’t want to buy – toilet paper, dish soap, notecards, coffee maker, those expensive fine point sharpie markers that make every study guide look beautiful, and more!

Get ready for a night full of the same excitement that 4th-grade you felt when it was finally time for back-to-school shopping. Except instead of that JanSport backpack your legal guardian never even entertained the idea of you getting that totally left you rocking your tragic 2nd grade fashion ideals, you can win anything from highlighters and notebooks to a Hoover vacuum or Ninja coffee machine! You’ll never be able to redeem your 1st-day-of-middle school self who showed up not knowing about Silly Bandz or unable to quote anything from Vine unless you join us for a night that will make up for all the gel pen disappointments and hand-me-down pencil cases.  A buffet dinner will be provided.